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What We Do

We guarantee customer satisfaction by removing all the hassles associated with purchasing natural stone. We facilitate and expedite the procuring, inspection, and timely shipment of natural stone. The best suppliers in the world chose Capital Stone International to be their United States representatives. This trust and experience gives you the benefit of having an extension of your own company around the world. Our suppliers benefit by being able to focus on producing quality material and developing new quarries. Our customers benefit by increasing their bottom line while maintaining the peace of mind in knowing that we ceaselessly strive to protect their interests and serve their needs.

Around The World

Capital Stone is present with offices and personnel in Brazil and Indonesia. We are physically present everyday at each factory to reserve the very best 1st quality and commercial material for our clients. All material is inspected and photographed for your approval, removing the risk of your company receiving unsatisfactory material. We have also developed partnerships with suppliers from China, Taiwan, Italy, and Spain. Across the globe you can be certain that your material will be inspected by a qualified member of the Capital Stone team.

In The United States

In the United States Capital Stone is 100% mobile. Our focus is attending to our clients with regular visits to best understand their specific needs. We handle the top accounts for our suppliers, always introducing new materials and keeping you ahead of the market. This keeps our clients on the forefront of the industry, and our suppliers knowledgeable about the American market.


Our suppliers are more than dimensional stone companies; they are true points of reference for our industry. They achieve excellence in every part of the mining process, from extraction to the final product, always maintaining strict quality standards. These mining companies guarantee exclusiveness, as the quarries they work with are their own. This ensures a consistent supply of high quality material at the very best prices. Our suppliers value Capital Stone International because we act as an extension of their own companies in the United States market.



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